Before purchasing a Bombay cat, many new owners would like to know what the common characteristics of Bombay cats are.  What is there personality like?  Will they get along with my other pets?  These are responsible questions that all potential cat owners should ask beforehand rather than rushing the process and then realizing you’ve made a terrible mistake.

Bombay cats are relatively small cats.  They’re muscular yet very nimble and quick, just like other cats.  The signature of Bombay cats is their sleek, black coat.  Odds are if a black cat ever crossed your path, it was a Bombay.

Bombay cats have very round heads and a stout muzzle.  Their eyes are wide and rounded.  The eyes of British Bombay cats are typically gold or green in color, while the eyes of American Bombay’s have a very distinct orange hue to them.  Their ears are similar to most cats; medium-sized and rounded at the top.

Bombay cats typically do not require grooming, as their coat is short and stays close to the body.  You as the owner could use a brush on a Bombay like you would on any other cat to keep their coat extra clean and shiny, but this is not necessary like it is with other long-haired cats.  Making sure your Bombay cat is fed a healthy diet will ensure that their coat stays as shiny as it can be.

Bombay Cat Personality and Temperament

Like other pets, Bombay cats crave human attention.  They have loud purs and very distinct “voices.”  Some Bombay cats can be quite talkative and meow alot at times like when you get home from work or wake up in the morning, for example.  The Bombay doesn’t get along too well with certain breeds of cats, but can tolerate others.  Bombay’s get along well with dogs because of the natural “pecking order” they have.  Also, Bombay’s typically prefer to live indoors rather than be an “outside-cat.”

Bombay’s are “heat-seekers”,  they simply love to be warm.  You’ll often find your Bombay sleeping in sunlight or next to heaters when its cold.  Bombay’s often tend to sleep on their owners when lying down for the warmth.

Bombay’s love attention.  The enjoy being held and being pet.  Some Bombay’s even take on dog-like characteristics like playing fetch, for example.  They enjoy being around people, but tend to select a certain someone to pay special close attention to.  Bombay’s are also great with young children.

Overall, the Bombay is a sensitive and intelligent cat that is perfect for a first-time cat owner.